Sheikh AbdullHameed bin Sheikh Ali Alkhunaizi Alkhutti - 7 / 4 / 2009 - 10:55 pm

Sheikh Alkhutti (1910- 2001) was born in Qatif. In his early life, he studied Qur’an, fundamentals of mathematics and introductions of Arabia language and Islamic jurisprudence; then, he moved to Najaf, in 1937. There, he studied the primary lessons of Islamic sciences and attended some high lessons of the grand scholars of hawza. Alkhutti was declared as qualified in a set of sciences like Islamic jurisprudence, judiciary and logic.

During his stay in Najaf, he participated in many activities such as the Literary Association. Then, he returned to his homeland; Saudi Arabia, and played a major role in many religious, social and cultural activities. He turned to writing, research and teaching till he had his own distinctive poetry approach.

Sheikh Alkhutti participated in the movement of demands that are related to Shiite religious and economic issues through writing memorandums and holding meetings with many officials.

In 1974, he headed the Shiite Court of Endowments and Inheritance in Qatif until he died in 2001. He had many writings as well as poetical works; some of which are “The Dirge or Inspiration of Najaf”, “AbdulHameed Alkutti’s Divan”, “A Flower from Each Field”, “Qatif Inspiration or Emotions Inspiration” and “The Battle of Light with Darkness”.