Zaki AlMilad - 18 / 11 / 2009 - 1:08 am

Zaki AlMilad (b. 1965) was born in Qatif, in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and is a writer, researcher in Islamic thought and a specialist in contemporary Islamic studies. He is an academic counselor in the International Institute of Islamic Thoughts in the United States.

AlMilad is, also, a member in many societies, organizations and forums like the General Assembly of the International Complex for Islamic Rapprochement in Tehran, the Turkish Arab Association for Science, Culture and Arts in Ankara, Arab Forum for Dialogue and Citizenship in Beirut and the Arab Writers Union in Syria. Moreover, he is a member in several boards of Arab, intellectual magazines such as "AlHayat AlTayibah", "Nosous Mu'asirah" and "Tafakar".

He participated in more than fifty-two intellectual and academic seminars, conferences and sessions in various Muslim states. He has many articles and studies that were published in more than sixty periodicals, magazines and newspapers in different Arab and Western states, and many of those articles and studies were translated into Persian and English.

AlMilad publishes a weekly article in the Saudi Okaz newspaper since the beginning of 2003. Furthermore, he participated in writing more than twenty joint works, and published more than twenty-three works that attracted many writers and critics.

His works, thoughts and theses were used as references for university theses, and he was granted the doctorate of creativity by the World Union of Writers in Arabic due to his diverse remarkable works and researches. Some of his works are "Transformation of Thought and Culture in the Islamic Movement", "We and the World" and "Islam and the West; the Present and the Future".

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