Dr. Tawfiq Alsaif
Saudishia.com - 18 / 11 / 2009 - 3:48 am

Dr. Tawfiq Alsaif (b. 1958) was born in Tarout Island, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. He is a Saudi intellectual and writer, and was the former secretary-general of the Shiite Reformative Movement. He has a master degree of Islamic Sciences Philosophy from the International Islamic University in London and, also, holds a doctorate degree of Political Science from the University of Westminster in England.

Alsaif had a significant role in many cultural and media institutions when he used to live abroad. He wrote in several newspapers like the Saudi Riyadh newspaper and the Kuwaiti Al-Rei AlAam newspaper, and has participations and interviews in different Arab and Western satellite channels like AlHurra TV, AlJazeera TV, AlManar and others.

Dr. Alsaif published a number of researches in Islamic jurisprudence revival in AlKalema quarterly magazine which is published in Lebanon. He, also, has many works and writings; some of which are "Democracy in an Islamic State", "Oil and Politics in Saudi Arabia" and "Islam in the Field of Politics". Alsaif has been participating in many international conferences, seminars and programs.