Alya Farid - 21 / 11 / 2009 - 8:52 pm

Alya Farid (b. 1967) was born in Safwa, Saudi Arabia, and is interested in women affairs as well as activating their role in current sustainable development. She holds a bachelor degree of Information and Public Relations from Bahrain, 2003, and prepares for the master degree in Political Systems and Constitutional Law in Gulf University, Bahrain.

She worked as a volunteer social researcher for fifteen years in Alsafa Charitable Society in Safwa since 1983, as an editor in AlWatan newspaper, and as an advisor in clients services for the Real Estate Stock Market. Currently, she works as an executive and an office director of Seder Group for Trading and Contracting.

Farid is the founder and the director of Ilaf Center for Disabled Children Care, and had several courses in economics and nursing. She participated in many social and human rights workshops as well as in various economic, political and cultural conferences. She was awarded the certification of a trainer in women’s rights issues from Amman Center in Jordan, 2008, and the certification of a trainer that represents Saudi Arabia in the Arab Network of Human Rights Trainers.

She is a member in many associations and organization like Amnesty International, the National Society for Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, Gulf Disability Society and Businesswomen’s Center in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Eastern Province. She, also, has intellectual contribution in media.

Alya Farid has a set of published works and social studies; some of which are “Women and Education Program”, Learn the Art of Public Speaking”, “My Diaries in Pilgrimage” and “Women in the Society; their Real Lives and Realism”.

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