Sheikh Abdullah AlKhunaizi - 21 / 11 / 2009 - 10:24 pm

Sheikh Abdullah AlKhunaizi (b. 1931) was born in Qatif, Saudi Arabia. He studied Qur’an, reading and writing fundamentals, as well as the grammar of Arabia language. He wrote short stories and poetry since the age of ten, and wrote a book entitled “AlHadiqah AlAdabia; The Literary Garden”.

He worked in trade for a short time, then, worked in a governmental job for about twenty years. In 1970,he moved to Najaf, Iraq, where he finished his religious education.

In 1981, AlKhunaizi returned to Qatif, began religious teaching, and graduated many clerics. He was appointed after his brother, Sheikh AbdulHameed AlKhunaizi, as a judge in Qatif’s Shiite Court for Inheritance and Endowments, in 2001.

Sheikh Abdullah AlKhunaizi published many of his writings in many local and Arab newspapers since 1948 in AlOrfan Magazine. He, also, published many cultural works like “Memory of Imam AlKhunaizi”, “Abu Talib; the True Believer among Quraish People”, and “Intellectual Movements in Qatif” as well as several literary works like “Flowers”, “Light in the Shade” and “A Breeze and a Storm”.