Mohammad AlAli - 21 / 11 / 2009 - 10:49 pm

Mohammad AlAli (b.1931) was born in Alahassa, Saudi Arabia. He is considered a prominent Saudi poet and one of the most cultivated and enlightened figures in Saudi Arabia.

He holds a bachelor degree in Sharia from the College of Fiqh in Najaf. He worked as a high school teacher in Dammam, headed the Examinations Section at the Education Department in the Eastern Province; then an editor-in-chief of Alyaum newspaper, and an educational supervisor in the Royal Commission in Jubail.

AlAli intercommunicated with Iraqi prominent poets such as AlJawaheri, AlSayab, AlBayati and Nazik AlMala’ekah. He is well-informed in Arab and International cultures and traditions, and represented Saudi Arabia in many Arab events and festivals. He was, also, honored in several cultural forums whether in or out Saudi Arabia.

He published many of his poems, articles and literary studies in local and Arab press. He published a collection of poems entitled “La Ma’a Fi AlMa’a; No Water in the Water”, besides an audio divan.