Sayyed Adnan AlAwammi - 21 / 11 / 2009 - 10:55 pm

Sayyed Adnan AlAwammi who is a writer and one of the most distinctive Saudi poets (b.1938) was born in Qatif, Saudi Arabia. AlAwammi finished the elementary school, then, continued self-educating himself.

He started with writing articles and theatrical stories in the beginning of his literary career, then, he shifted to writing poetry. In 1963, he began publishing his works in local and Arab newspapers.

AlAwammi participated in many poem evenings and literary meetings and events like Poetry Festival for the State of Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh, 1988. He is, also, interested in writing about the region’s history and heritage.

Moreover, he has a set of articles entitled “Common Mistakes and Illusions” which was published in AlWaha quarterly magazine. He was presented by some writers in several newspapers and magazines like Naif bin Rashdan at AlRiyadh Magazine, Dr. Ghazi AlQusaibi in AlArabiah magazine, Mahdi AlSuaidan in AlManhal Magazine and Abdullah bin Thaqfan in Alyaum newspaper.

Several chapters were devoted for presenting his biography in some books like “Qatif’s Poets” by Sheikh Ali AlMarhoon, “Poets of the Contemporary World in the Arabian Peninsula” by AbdulKareem AlHuqail and “Qatif and Sheding Lights on Its Contemporary Poetry” by AbdulAli AlSaif. AlAwammi has various works such as a collection of poems entitled “Shatie Alyabab” and a study entitled “Abu Albahar AlKhutti; His Life and Poetry”.