Dakir Ali AlHubail
Saudishia.com - 22 / 11 / 2009 - 12:13 am

Dakir AlHubail (b.1964) is social researcher and human rights activist who was born in Qatif, Saudi Arabia. AlHubail lived and received his school education in Qatif. He holds a Bachelor degree in History and Philosophy of Contemporary Sciences, Diploma in Human Resources and a Master in Sociology.

His fields of interests include social researches, human rights and civil education, and he writes in many local and Arab magazines and newspapers in literary criticism, philosophy, sociology, politics and field researches. He is, also, a media and a cultural adviser in Noon and Tamkeen Forums, and the editor-in- chief of Mosawat; "Equality", Network, a local website concerned with civil education and human rights training.

Dakir AlHubail participated in many academic, developmental, human rights and scientific conferences, and is a human rights and civil education trainer. Moreover, Dakir is a founding member in many cultural committees and forums like Alhewar Cultural Forum, Althulatha Cultural Forum and Alsahel Electronic Encyclopedia. He is, also, a member in the editorial board of Alkalema Magazine and the supervisor of Mosawat Network in Saudi Arabia. He is a member in various international networks and associations such as the Arab network for Human Rights Trainers (ANHRT) in Jordan, the International Association for the International Humanitarian Law in Beirut, Lebanon, Writers without Boarders Organization and Arabic Bloggers Union.

AlHubail is the author of “Mind; The Dignity of Living Beings” and “Tolerance as a Conduct”, "The Civil Perception in the Culture of Human Rights", "Human Rights in Its New Look" and "Human beings and Humanity; the Nature of Awareness and Relationship".

• Personal Website:http://daker.alhabail.blogunited.org/