Sheikh Ali AlMohsin - 22 / 11 / 2009 - 2:57 am

Sheikh Ali AlMohsin was born in 1957, and raised by his mother in a religious family in Saihat; a town in east of Saudi Arabia. After finishing basic education, he joined medical school.

In 1978, he moved to Qum, Iran, where he studied Islamic sciences by some prominent religious leaders. In 1985, Sheikh AlMohsin turned back to Saudi Arabia, and started preaching and teaching religious courses.

He moved to Najaf, Iraq, in 1996, where he studied Islamic Jurisprudence and became a teacher of Islamic sciences. In 2001, he returned to Saudi Arabia where he continued religious teaching, writing and serving the society.

Sheikh AlMohsin has written many works; the most important of which are "Revealing Facts" as a refutation to "This is My Advice to Every Shiite" by Abu Bakr AlJaza'ery, "Controversial Issues Confused Sunnis", "Abdullah bin Saba; A Study and Analysis", and "Who Is the Caliph of Muslims in this Era". He is, also, the author of "For Allah Sake and for the Truth" in which he refuted the claims and allegations in "For Allah Sake, then, for the History" by Sayyed Husain AlMusawi. Currently, he holds a position as an appeal judge at Qatif Endowment Court.

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