Huda AlNasir - 22 / 11 / 2009 - 3:04 am

Huda Salman AlNasir (b. 1970) was born in AlAujam, Qatif, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and holds a bachelor degree in Geography from College of Arts for Girls in Dammam. AlNasir is a human rights activist, and interested in dialogue and citizenship.

She participated in the organization of several communication programs and meeting between prominent Saudi figures of different orientations. AlNasir is, also, a certified trainer within the training program for developing the skills of administrative work, and cooperated with Developing Human Resources Fund in AlAin Center for Training.

 She coordinated programs for enabling women in decision-making fields, and directed various programs for children and youth in the fields of leadership, rights and duties. Moreover, she attended many international human rights conferences and courses. AlNasir chaired the women section in Alaujam Charity Foundation.