Sheikh Faisal AlAwammi - 30 / 1 / 2010 - 11:19 pm

Sheikh AlAwammi (b.1965) was born in Qatif, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia where he was taught by a number of prominent scholars and clerics. He travelled to several places in Iran and Syria to study religion; he went to the academic Hawzas of Tehran, Mashhad and Qum in Iran.

He taught religion to many students, and gave lessons in Qur'an, Islamic Jurisprudence and Qur'anic sciences. He began to deliver public speeches in 1994, and adopts revival and originality at the same time in his lectures.

Besides teaching, Sheikh AlAwammi has many social contributions, including religious and cultural programs, and establishing many institutions for teaching Qur'an and Qur'anic sciences. He is, currently, the supervisor of "Bayt AlHuda for Holy Qur'an Memorization", and the editor-in-chief of "Contemporary Jurisprudential Studies".

Sheikh AlAwammi has many published books and writings. Some of his published books are "The Intellectual and Issues of Religion and Society", "Over the Culture of Renaissance; a Study in Values of Mind, Spirit and Social Development", "The Scientific, Educational Interpretation" which is a preliminary study for the propose approach to comprehend Qur'an, "Between Two Cultures; the Determinants of Influence of Allah Words and Human Words", "The Theoretical Fundamentals for Understanding the Holy Qur'an", and "The Practical Fundamentals for Understanding the Holy Qur'an".  He is, also, the author of "Provisions of Eating and Drinking; an Overall Theory", series of "Jurisprudential Insights for Married life" and series of "Views in Islamic Jurisprudence".

Moreover, he has several unpublished writings like "Issues of the Society in Islamic Jurisprudence", "Issues of Knowledge in Islamic Jurisprudence" and "Speculations on Contemporary Issues". Beside those writings, he wrote many articles and studies that were published in websites, intellectual magazines and journals like "AlKalema", "AlBasa'er" and "AlQur'an Noor".