Mohammad Redha Al Nasrallah - 30 / 1 / 2010 - 11:31 pm

Mohammad Al Nasrallah (b. 1953) was born in Qatif, Saudi Arabia. He holds a bachelor degree in Arabic literature from King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

He worked as a journalist in the beginning of his career life, then, as an editor and the supervisor of the cultural section in Riyadh newspaper between 1974 and 1983. In 1983, he became the editor-in-chief of Weekly Riyadh at Riyadh newspaper. Al Nasrallah was a member in the Advisory Board of Hajj and Umrah Journal, and the Secretary-General of the Advisory Board for Culture at the Ministry of Culture and Information. In April 2005, he became a member in the Shura Council.

He prepared and presented a weekly cultural program entitled "AlKalima Taduq Sa'aah" in Riyadh TV in which he interviewed many well-known prominent public figures like Najeeb Mahfoudh, Yosif Edrees, Adonis, Ghazi AlQusaibi and Jabra Ibrahim Jabra. He, also, participated in many local and international cultural conferences and sessions. Al Nasrallah is a member in various intellectual committees and centers. He is a member in the executive committee of Hamad AlJasir Cultural Center, a member in the Committee of Arab-German Media Dialogue, and a member in the editorial board of Culture and Art magazine that is published by the Saudi Arabia Society for culture and Arts in Riyadh. Moreover, Mohammad Al Nasrallah has several critical articles over the Saudi literature that were published in local press.