Mohammad Baqir Alnemer - 30 / 1 / 2010 - 11:36 pm

Mohammad Alnemer (b. 1963) was born in AlAwammia, Saudi Arabia. He has various social and intellectual contributions in the region, and owns Alnemer Trading Establishment in Saudi Arabia.

In June 1995, he published AlWaha quarterly magazine with a group of intellectuals in an attempt to preserve culture and heritage and to explore political, cultural and literary history of the region. Since 2001, Alnemer became the editor-in-chief of the magazine.

He is, also, a member in many cultural forums, and participated in several Arab conferences. Mohammad Alnemer is an honorary member in AlSalam Club in AlAwammia, a member in AlWarraq Forum, and a member in the advisory board of Althulatha and AlAwammia Cultural Forums. He is the founder and the chairman of the Civil Committee for Honoring in Qatif.

Moreover, he was interviewed in several Arab TV channels, and published many articles in local and Arab newspapers and magazines. He, also, has a number of published works like "Names in Alahssa and Qatif; Humanitarian and Religious implications", "The Identity of Shiites in the Arab World", "Management of Endowments and the Need for Development" and "The Leader Ahmad bin Mahdi Nasrallah; His Life and Poetry".