Ghassan Al Nemer - 31 / 1 / 2010 - 3:39 am

Ghassan Al Nemer (b.1963) is a well-known Saudi businessman and investor who was born in Dammam, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. He owns Ghassan Holding Group which consists of several companies; Ghassan Al Nemer Gold & Jewels Factory, Ghassan Al Nemer & Partner Co. for Gold Trade, Ghassan Al Nemer Group for Real-Estate investments, Samaya Establishment for Commercial Services, Shmous International for Transportation & Equipment and Shmous International Contracting Company. Al Nemer is the owner and the Director General of Ghassan Al Nemer Gold & Jewels Factory.

He started his business in 1980, and he expanded till he covers now nearly 60% of the Saudi Gold wholesaling market. Due to the great quality of his products, his factory was chosen as one of the best hundred gold factories in the world, and won the prize of the World Gold Council (Gold Virtuosi 2000 Award) in Italy.

Al Nemer established AL-Kawthar Women's Factory which is aimed for providing job opportunities to women. This factory has excelled in executing the best and fanciest creative designs of gold, and became one of the pioneering factories in the Kingdom.

He is a member in several forums in the United States and Europe, and participated in many international conferences. He is a member in Gold and Jewelry Committee in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, a member in Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology in the United States, a member in the Euro-Arab Conference for the Development of Import in the Arab League, Cairo, Egypt, and a fellow in the Businessmen Fellowship in Europe. He is an elected member in the board of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Eastern Province.

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