Mahdi Yaseen AlRamadan - 31 / 1 / 2010 - 3:46 am

Mahdi AlRamadan (b. 1946) is the Director General of AlYaseen Agricultural Company. He holds a bachelor degree in Agricultural Sciences from the American University in Beirut (1969), and a master degree in Agricultural Sciences from University of North Wales, United Kingdom (1975).

He worked as an agricultural engineer and as an expert of agricultural researches in the Ministry of Agriculture and Water for fourteen years. In 1980, he established AlYaseen Agricultural Company which he owns with his brothers.

AlRamadan was a board member in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Alahssa, Saudi Arabia, and a board member in Alber Society in alahssa. He is, also, the Chairman of the Cooperative Society for Eggs and Chicken Marketing in Alahssa, and a board member in Asharqiyah Company for Agricultural Development in Dammam. Moreover, he is a former member in the Regional Council of Eastern Province, a member in the Supervision Committee over Alahssa municipal council elections, a member in the National Committee for Palm Trees and Dates in the Council of Saudi Champers in Riyadh, and the representative of Alahssa Chamber for Commerce in the Council of Saudi Champers.

Mahdi AlRamadan presented a work paper entitled "Water in Saudi Arabia" in Alahssa Investment Forum in 2003, and participated in several conferences such as the Futuristic Vision for the Saudi Economy and Riyadh Economic Forums. He, also, has several contributions in the activities of Chambers of Commerce, and attended many conferences and seminars that are concerned in business administration, agricultural field and Saudi economy.

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