Sheikh Yosif AlMahdi - 31 / 1 / 2010 - 3:48 am

Sheikh AlMahdi (b.1957) was born in Safwa, Saudi Arabia, where he received his preliminary education. He finished high school, then, he moved to Kuwait where he joined Arrasoul AlAdham School for Islamic Sciences at which he studied Islamic jurisprudence, logic, Arabic and history.

Since 1979, AlMahdi worked on spreading religious awareness in Qatif region, and he became the congregational prayer Imam in Imam Ali mosque, then, in Imam AlHusain mosque. He is an eloquent public speaker, and delivers comprehensive jurisprudential lectures and researches.

Sheikh AlMahdi has many contributions in various social fields. He participated in launching different social projects in Safwa such as AlSafa Festival for Collective Weddings, the Charitable Fund for Marriages, Orphans Support Committee, Friends of Qur'an Committee and the Cultural Committee, and encouraged women to be involved in such activities. He, also, participated in establishing AlSafa Group for Pilgrimage in which he is responsible of religious guidance.

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