After More Than A Year in Arbitrary Detention
Sheikh AlAmer Appears in Court - 11 / 8 / 2012 - 4:36 am
Sheikh Tawfiq AlAmer
Sheikh Tawfiq AlAmer

Sheikh Tawfiq AlAmer, a prominent religious leader from AlAssa in the Shiite- majority Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, appeared in court last Wednesday in the capital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

AlAmer, who entered his second year in prison without trial earlier this month, received a list from the court that included ten charges against him.

Sheikh AlAmer (52 years old) was arrested in the middle of the street in the beginning of the month of Ramadan last year (August, 2011) when he was on his way home after performing the congregational prayers in a mosque in Hafouf, AlAhssa.

The list of charges included making sharp statements against Saudi authorities, incitement against the Saudi government, calling for political transformation as a challenge and provoking citizens.

The list, also, involved charges of libeling the nation’s religious scholars, and, by that, they meant AlAmer’s response to the statement which was issued by twenty-two Salafi clerics who described Muslim Shiites as infidels and called for combating them.

Moreover, Sheikh AlAmer was charged with collecting donations, and raising the calls for prayers (Adhan) on the Shiite way from the mosques at which he used to be the Imam of congregational prayers.

The judge had set a date of the second meeting for hearing Sheikh AlAmer’s statements.

Sheikh Tawfiq AlAmer was exposed to series of security prosecutions and detention for his calls for establishing a constitutional monarchy in Saudi Arabia, demanding political transformations and ending all forms of discrimination.