Sheikh Hasan Musa Alsaffar - 6 / 4 / 2009 - 11:37 pm

Sheikh Alsaffar (b.1956) is one the most distinctive reformative Shiite leaders. He was born in Qatif at which he studied reading and writing. Then, he shifted between Najaf, Kuwait and Iran to study Islamic sciences.

He delivered speeches in an early age, and occupied a significant position in the society through developing and supporting the religious awakening by delivering contemporary religious speeches and training intellectual competencies and cadres. He is an articulate public speaker, and headed many religious and social activities in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Sates.

He returned from abroad to his homeland; Saudi Arabia, after fifteen years which he had spent them in activating many cultural, political and informative projects and activities in various regions. He made significant initiatives in communicating with leaders of the Salafist trend as well as with senior officials in Saudi Arabia.

Alsaffar has many intellectual writings and works in various fields. He, also, has enlightened viewpoints over Islamic revival, social coexistence and dialogue with the different others. He published a set of books and researches and some of them were translated into other languages. Some of his remarkable writings are “Home Nation and Citizenship”, “Diversity and Freedom in Islam”, “Looking for Unity and the Reality of Defragmentation in Muslims World” as well as “Diversity and Coexistence; the Way of Establishing Partnership for Civilizational Development”.


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