Sheikh Ali bin Hasan bin Ali Alkhunaizi - 7 / 4 / 2009 - 10:46 pm

Sheikh Ali Alkhunaizi (1868- 1943) is a member of a highbred family in Qatif in which he was born and studied reading and writing fundamentals. He moved to Najaf in Iraq to study religion during 1891 and 1905, then, he returned to his homeland after he finished his study and attained many recommendations from the religious authorities there.

He became a judge since his return and during Turkish and Saudi rule. He played a significant role in confronting Bedouins attacks over Shiite areas, and convinced the Turkish ruler to withdraw from Qatif after King Abdulazizi declared that he was intending to enter Qatif right after Alahssa surrender to prevent bloodshed.

Sheikh Alkhunaizi headed the Shiite leaders who met King Abdulaziz which resulted in giving him their pledge and in return they guarantee their freedom of practicing their religious beliefs and rituals. Then, Alkhunaizi was designated as a judge of Qatif region.

Because of the increasing taxes that were imposed on Qatif’s people and their subjection to Salafists’ constant persecutions, some unrests occurred in Qatif that Sheikh Alkhunaizi had participated in settling them down peacefully through contacting the official authorities.

In 1943, he died in Bahrain because of a chronic disease and his remains were transferred to Qatif where he was buried.